We live in a tepid, consensus pop-culture where tribalism and partisanship are in short supply. It’s an old argument, but we’ve access to more culture than we’ve ever had access to before, and the power of the internet is bound to have knock-on effects in the real world. No one’s getting beaten up at the bus stop for wearing a hoodie any more. You can hear Beyonce, The Lumineers and Disclosure within half an hour of each other on the same radio show. Goths, trap guys and shufflers are all smashing MD at the weekends. The world’s most famous rapper is basically wearing the same trousers as the 13-year-old Agnostic Front fan from Norwich getting his nose smashed open at the Owl Sanctuary. If we don’t like something, we can just ignore it, or flood our lives with more of what we do like. As such, we currently exist in a tedious subcultural ceasefire.
Clive Martin - Vice Magazine September 2014